The Telescopes at Indian Hill

16 inch

16 inch "Stokes"Newtonian Reflector 

The first telescope installed at Indian Hill.  A 16 inch F7 classical Newtonian Reflector on a German Equatorial Mount. Computer controlled, electric focuser, GO-TO with autoguider capabilities.

8 inch Schmidt-Newtonian
(not shown)

Mounted tandem on the 16".


4 and 6 inch Refractors

Two Astro-Physics Refractors. The 6 inch has electric focusing. The 4 inch is used as a guide scope. Mounted on a Losmandy G-11 with upgraded Gemini controller and Servo Motors.
Computer controlled with autoguider capabilities.




12 inch Schmidt-Cassigrain

Meade LX200 GPS Schmidt-Cassigrain
Guide scope with DSI autoguider

Used for visual and photometry


ten inch schmidt newtonian

10 inch Schmidt-Newtonian

Meade Schmidt-Newtonian on a CGE mount. Primarily used for Astrophotography.