November Deep Sky challenge: Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula


Image complements of Bob Holzer here for star chart


Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula

Diffuse Nebula

aka IC 59, LBN 620

R.A.: 00h57m30.0s Dec.: +61°09'00" (2000) in Cassiopeia

Galactic lon: +123°40', Galactic lat: -01°43'

Magnitude: unknown

Size: 10.0'


Gamma Cassiopeia Nebula is circumpolar, ranging in altitude from 13° to 70° at Cleveland, Ohio. As such, it is visible all year long.


Apparent Data for 2010 Nov 8  EST at Cleveland, Ohio:

Apparent RA: 00h58m13.3s, Apparent Dec: +61°12'49"

Ecliptical lon: +44°26', Ecliptical lat: +49°07'

Azimuth: +322°44', Apparent Altitude: +58°31'

Zenith Distance: +31°29'

Local Sidereal Time:  03h42m

Hour Angle:  02h45m

Airmass: 1.2


Chart Numbers:

Pocket Sky Atlas 1

Millennium Star Atlas Vol I Chart 49

Sky Atlas 2000 Chart 1

Uranometria 2000 Vol I Chart 16

Uranometria 2nd Ed. Chart 18

Herald-Bobroff Astroatlas B-02 C-20